Employee Retention Plan

How to Retain your Top Employees

Keeping your employees - especially your top performers is critical for your business success. Smart companies develop Employee Retention Plan to improve their current Employee Retention Rate and develop high performance organizations. Companies can improve their Employee Retention Rate in many ways but it is critical for them to understand that they need to have Employee Retention Plan in place and take this as an ongoing project – one of the key projects for long-term business success.

Whether you manage a small business or global corporation the same rules will apply when it comes to keeping your best employees. Those companies who have the most talented, skilled, knowledgeable and experienced employees will always deliver above average business results. That is why employee retention should be a high level priority for every organization..

How do you develop your Employee Retention Plan?


First of all you need to identify the most important drivers for Employee Morale, Loyalty and Satisfaction in your business. Happy employees are generally good employees, just like happy and satisfied customers are loyal customers. Your Employee Retention Rate depends on many factors such as overall company environment, company policies, company culture, work environment, employee development, opportunities for training and growth, recognition, etc.

Creating High Retention Employees is the number one priority of a successful Employee Retention Plan. Understand what motivates your employees and create work environment which will motivate them. Improve employee morale through effective rewards and recognition plan and develop relevant rewards for your top employees.

Stressful workplace is a very high risk for employee morale and satisfaction. Financial rewards are only one part of your Employee Retention Plan but keep in mind that financial reward is not enough to improve your Employee Retention Rate – even high paying employees are not happy if they work in stressful work environment.


Employee Surveys or Employee Satisfaction Surveys are very good tools for helping you understand your employees and what drives your Employee Retention. Employee Surveys are used for measuring employee satisfaction and identifying important issues for your employees. For example, Employee Surveys can identify that developing career path for your employees is one of the most important motivators for your employee retention.

Employee achievements and recognitions are also important for employee satisfaction because your employees like to see the results of their work and see in what ways they contribute to your organization. Rewards and recognition systems are also important for your Employee Retention Plan.

In-house and on the job training is also a good motivator because training helps your employees improve their skills and create better business results.

Understanding your employees’ concerns, skills, goals and interests is the information you need. Every successful management plan starts with clear understanding of the current environment and you should do the same. Understand the reality and start planning.

Employee Retention Plan should be customized to your business and your employees – what works for one company can be a waste of time for another so it is critical for you to develop a good understanding for your employees needs and take ownership into developing your own plan.


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