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Balance Sheet

This is a Balance Sheet Excel Template for Small Business.  It calculates Assets, Liabilities and Owner's Equity or Ownership in Microsoft Excel.

Advertising Analysis

This excel tool will help you track your advertising expenditures and sales generated so you can analyze how effective your advertising was in different time periods. This analysis will help you improve your advertising approach and maximize its effectiveness.

Regional Sales Chart

Regional Sales Chart Allows you to compare business sales for three regions on one grouped excel chart.

Customer Lifetime Value Calculator

Customer Lifetime Value Calculator is easy to use tool for quick customer analysis. This tool allows you to calculate the Customer Lifetime Value, Customer Retention Rate, and Overall Customer Lifetime Value. You can perform what-if analysis to see how different variables will drive the Customer Lifetime Value and Profitability and plan business strategies for improvement.

Competitive Alternative Map for Market Positioning

Competitive Alternative Map for Market Positioning allows you to rank your business and benchmark with your top competitors. You can type your key differentiators and analyze your competitive position in the marketplace. This is a very good exercise for analyzing and planning your strategy.
Supplier Comparison Chart

Supplier Comparison Chart is easy to use tool for purchasing, supply chain, and quality management professionals. Rank and visually compare suppliers on critical quality features. You can use the current quality drivers or type your own business specific drivers.

Income Statement Dashboard

5-year Income Statement Dashboard with visual indicators. Type your data and change categories to reflect your business. Analyze your financial data and print your reports

SWOT Analysis Template

SWOT Analysis Word Template - Organize your SWOT information in this simple one-page SWOT Analysis template for Microsoft Word.

Break-Even Analysis Template

This excel break-even analysis chart creates chart with +/- 50% of the revenue you specify so you can see how sensitive is your business model / cost structure

Go / No Go (GNG) Analysis Matrix

This template is a decision matrix for go / no go analysis generally used for risk management in strategy development, project management, and investments. The GNG matrix compares the advantages and disadvantages of go / no go alternative decisions.



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