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Marketing Services for Your Small Business

Introducing new marketing services for small businesses and entrepreneurs. Now we offer low cost and affordable marketing solutions for your business. Marketing plans, marketing strategy, lead generation, market research and more...

Monitor your Brand and Company Mentions Online

Why and how you need to monitor your brand, company and product mentions online: Social media conversations mention your company name, product name and your brand daily. Your prospects and customers engage online....

Do You Have a Marketing Persona?

When you need to define your persona for your target market you need to define all the specific, unique and typical characteristics of your persona. By asking a few questions you can start developing a persona. For example....

10 Step Social Media Marketing Strategy

Social Media Marketing Success requires smart strategy and planning. Improve your marketing by developing a winning Social Media Marketing Strategy Plan by following these 10 important steps...

What is Branding?

Branding tips, examples and ideas for small business and large organizations. Branding explained - What is Branding and why it is important for your business....

Color in Advertising

What is the desired influence that you are trying to achieve with your new advertising message? What are the most appropriate colors for your product or service ad? What are your prospects and customers like? These are very important questions...

Social Media Branding

Social media branding is one of the largest revolutions ever experienced in the marketing industry. It helps you to ensure that you will be recognized by your target market, but does so in a way that levels the playing field significantly between large international corporations, and the small business...

Infographic: How to Increase Your Likability

How to Increase Likability...

5 Marketing Lessons You Can Learn From Michael Jackson

The Guinness Book of World Records calls Michael Jackson the most successful entertainer of all time. What is behind his business success and what can you as a small business owner and entrepreneur learn from Michael Jackson...

4 Unique Local Business Marketing Ideas

Local business marketing can open up a world of opportunity for your organization, as long as you have the right ideas. Unfortunately, as much as that is a very positive statement, it also presents a tremendous problem: what are those ideas and where do you get the time to come up with them...

Dos and Don’ts of Online Presentation

When you are hosting an online presentation, such as a webinar, there are many things that you’ll have on your mind. Most of them will have to do with making the best possible impression and achieving your goal. However, there are many things that you can be doing in your preparation and during your performance...

Advertising New Product is as Easy as 3-2-1

Learn the Keys to Marketing That Will Make Your Product Blast Off! When it comes time to start advertising a new product, you don’t just want it to take a tiny hop. You want it to blast off! This isn’t always an obvious process when you’re a small business and you’re up against enormous multinational corporations with marketing budgets that are worth several times the entire value of your company...

5 Social Media Marketing Plan Tips

Planning Social Media Marketing - You’ve decided that your company is ready for a social media marketing plan, but just because you’ve completed that step, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you know where to go from there. While Social Media Marketing can be a great opportunity for your business, it requires planning and marketing strategy...

7 Rules of Integrated Marketing Communications

It’s all well and good to spout integrated marketing communications theories and definitions, but what does this actually mean to your company and its successes in reality? It means that after all of the time, money, effort, and resources that you have put into your advertising and promotions, each of these communications will work in harmony with the rest so that they will boost your sales while they save you time, money, and frustration...

Go to Market Strategy

Having a new product or service ready to sell is a thrilling time for your company, and your go to market strategy will help you to make sure that you are prepared to reach the fullest potential of this offering. Unfortunately, one of the most common errors made among entrepreneurs is a lack of preparation once the new product or service has been obtained or developed. They know what they have to offer, but they do not prepare in advance to actually bring it to the marketplace...

Product Differentiation

Properly defined product differentiation is vital to allowing your company to take full advantage of everything that it has to offer and reach its best potential. In fact, being able to define yourself as unique from the competition can often make the difference between the success or failure of a product, service, or a company as a whole. Therefore, it is important for you to understand the main parts of product differentiation and put them into practice...

Google Offers

Google launches its new promotional discount service offering called “Offers”. What is Google Offers? Google Offers has been built on a similar business model as Groupon. Offers is a discount service that delivers discounts and special offers from small businesses to their local markets at special prices during a limited time period...

Free Advertising

Free Advertising for your Small Business. Free Advertising Ideas: Use these Free Advertising Tips, Ideas and Tools to grow your Small Business. How to use Free Advertising as a part of your daily marketing activities...

Types of Advertising

Evaluating your advertising mix is a smart time investment for your small business. Review of different type of advertising alternatives for your small business including outdoor advertising, email advertising, TV advertising, radio advertising, mobile advertising, online advertising, local advertising and more.

Corporate Branding and Identity

Corporate Branding and Identity Corporate Branding and Identity: Strong Corporate Brand gives advantage to the company's products and services in the marketplace. Corporate Branding and Identity is a strategic approach which is always a long-term investment and huge benefit for the company. Corporate Branding is about creating Corporate Identity which communicates your company ideas, values, beliefs and offering.

Writing a Marketing Plan

Writing a Marketing Plan Writing a Marketing Plan is not difficult if you do some planning and preparation about your business and your market. Most people make the mistake of starting to write the marketing plan without clear understanding of the critical issues regarding their business, company, marketing situation and without any informal or formal marketing analysis and preparation.

Sales Presentation

Sales Presentation Sales Presentation is an important skill or approach used by every business whether it is small or big company. Sales are the engine for growth and having a successful sales strategy is essential for business growth and success. Sales Presentation is the tool used by businesses to communicate the value to potential customers or prospects.

Google Keyword Tool

Google Keyword Tools Google Keyword Tool: Here's a quick way to evaluate a potential business idea or niche market and see if it has legs: Look at what people are paying to advertise on its keywords. Typically, where there are high pay-per-click bids, competition in the natural search engine results is also high. Maybe too high. If you can't afford to compete for a top spot in the sponsored listings for the most desirable keywords, should you even bother with this market?

Sales Pitch

Sales Pitch Sales Pitch reality check: Before you jump in into creating your sales pitch do a reality check about your target audience. What do they really need? Depending on your market and industry this will vary and there are going to be different customer drivers but there are some issues that are common for your business and any other business in any market and industry. The reality is that your target market or target audience when it comes to your sales pitch audience do not care about you and your business and your products or services. period. What they care about is their business and their needs.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing Social Media Marketing is a powerful marketing communication channel. Social Media Marketing can improve brand loyalty, create brand advocates, promote new ideas, products and services in an effective way, improve overall company image and of course at the end of the day improve the overall competitive position. Social Media Marketing is part of the marketing promotional mix together with other promotion and advertising strategies and tactics. Compared to traditional promotional channels social media is more effective because of the nature of social media.

Start a Cake Business

Start a Cake Business So your cake baking is so good and everyone is telling you you should start your own cake business? Or maybe you are not that much into cake baking but you are thinking about starting a cake business? Anyway cake business is a big business. Everyone likes cakes and potential customers are everywhere around you. Every area is a good potential for growing your cake business. However cake business is no different than any other business - this means that your cake business has to be very well planned, organized and managed for business growth.

Your Company Newsletter

Small Business Newsletter One of the most common types of Email Marketing Campaigns is Company Newsletter Marketing. Usually sent periodically, such as monthly or weekly, Company Newsletters are distributed to email distribution lists which are gathered and organized by the marketer or your company. Email Distribution Lists which are used for Company Newsletters are generally list of your customers’ emails, your prospects’ emails, your previous customers and sometimes you can add emails to your email newsletter list by purchasing email lists of prospects which are part of your target market.

Simple Approach to New Products

New Product New Product Development is about creating New Product s which will create value for your customers. Creating Value for customers means adding more value with your New Product compared to current products in the market. Your customers are sometimes not aware what the ideal product or service is so it is your job to develop a winning New Product. There are mainly two types of New Product s: 1. New-to-market products and 2. Adding new features and benefits to existing products. The first group of New Product s requires New Product Development with high creativity and market research.

Launching a New Product

New Product Launching a new product to market is a challenging and rewarding job. At this point you have done your homework - your market research, you have developed a new product or service, you have analyzed your competitors and you know who is your target customer. Now you need to prepare your new launching of your product or service the right way. Your new product launching can definitely help your new product or service. Remember that your goal at this point is generating sales out of your new product or service.

Strategic Brand Management

Branding and Brand Management Your brands are one of the most valuable assets your company owns. Just like any other assets brands have value - they are built on trust, customer loyalty, creating value for the customer, satisfying customer needs and preferences and the brand building process takes a lot of time and effort. Customers purchase brands - brands give promise to the customers and they deliver value and experience. Brands are created to satisfy certain target market - groups of customers with similar needs and wants. The process of creating brands and managing brands for long-term success is called branding.

Market Segmentation

Market Segmentation A key factor to success in today's market place is finding subtle differences to give the business a marketing edge. A business that targets specialty markets will promote its products more effectively than a business aiming at the "average" customer. What makes the business unique? How can these unique features be promoted to "targeted" customers? Undifferentiated Marketing Some businesses treat the market as a whole, focusing on what is common to the needs of customers, rather than on what is different. Often called undifferentiated marketing, this technique relies on mass advertising and is implemented on the basis of cost savings to the business.

Analysis in Marketing

Marketing Analysis Analysis In Marketing: Marketing Manager Software and Templates for Microsoft Excel Users. Now you can improve your Marketing Analysis with the Marketing Manager Toolbox for Excel. All the tools for marketing anaysis you need to see your business better and improve your marketing analysis, marketing planning and marketing strategy development.

Examples of Effective Sales Pitch

Sales Pitch Examples Use the following tips to create effective sales pitch for your business. Why is an effective sales pitch important? Effective sales pitch can make a difference between successful sales strategy and a business failure. The sales pitch is what your prospects first hear about your business and your sales pitch communicates why your business is the best fit for your prospect. Keep your sales pitch short and simple so your target audience can easily understand you. Pay attention to the "What?" - what is the single most important point your target should remember from your pitch. Next, answer the "Why?" - why should they consider you / why are you better than your competitors?

Pricing Strategies

Price Strategy If you have ever accepted bids for a project such as construction, moving, or painting, other buyers might have apprised you that accepting the average bid, the one that falls in the middle, might be the best option. If you have ever purchased a large ticket item, you understand why consumers might question the quality and effectiveness of an item that is sold below cost. The same applies to business pricing strategy. Pricing according to industry standards and the business owner’s own comfort level will help improve business productivity and success.

Fast Food Delivery Services?

Fast Food Delivery Do Fast Food Delivery Services have potential for creating a successful business? Many people come home from work tired and do not want to waste time driving for dinner. These people get up in the morning and do not have time to buy breakfast. Yes, there are pizza delivery businesses but are there fast food delivery services in your neighborhood? The answer is probably “No”.

Naming your Small Business

Naming a Business Naming your business is the first step in developing your small business. The business name decision you will make will shape how your customers will perceive your business now and in the future. This is a very important decision and your business name will have a long-term impact on your business. The name of your small business is part of your branding and marketing strategy and it will probably stay the same for years so your business name deserves a serious consideration.

Creating Customer Value

Customer Value Once the business identifies customer needs and preferences the next step in the process is developing value proposition. The Value Proposition is related to the positioning strategy of the business which takes into consideration the customers, competitors and general market trends. The value creation process is simply trade-off between 1. Customer benefits and 2. Customer total cost (monetary and non-monetary cost). The non monetary investment on the customer side is time, energy, experience, etc in the process of obtaining the product or service (the benefits).

Customer Service

Customer Service Customer service is not limited to the person at the front door or the one answering the phone. Customer service should be an initiative put forth in the business plan, and all levels of the company should employ customer service efforts regardless of whether they are the owner or the file clerk. Organizing an effective customer service policy may involve handling customer questions or complaints, but it also may involve ongoing customer maintenance in an effort to avoid questions or complaints. Arranging a good and effective customer service plan requires knowing the customer.

Advertising Rate Card

Advertising Rate Card Advertising rate card is a document provided by a newspaper or other print publication featuring the organization's rate for advertising. It may also detail any deadlines, demographics, policies, additional fees and artwork requirements. The smaller the publication, the less information that may be available in the rate card. Some larger newspapers may have a rate card for a particular kind of advertisement. They may have their rates broken down by classified ads, retail advertising and even national ad rates.

Targeted Marketing

Target Market Why should you develop Targeted Marketing Plan for your Small Business? This short review on targeted marketing is a simplified but very effective marketing plan. Why? Because if you get this right this is all you need to successfully promote and grow your small business. Note: Your marketing plan is more than a document – it is a tool to develop your marketing game plan. It is a tool you use continuously to update and modify your strategies and tactics.

7 Must-Do Tips for Marketing

Marketing Tips Get on Your Soapbox: A solid brand position is rooted in a passionate commitment to the customer. What do you believe about your industry, product or service? What possibilities are you creating for your customer? What’s your customer’s burning issue and in what ways does your company solve it. Get on your soapbox, speak and write passionately about it and your ideal customer will be drawn to the message.

Understanding Customer Needs

Customer Needs In today’s tough market, customer focus should be the utmost phrase in the small business owner’s vocabulary. Certain things, such as regulations and laws, have gotten stricter. But there are things that are in your control in terms of what you can do for the customer, and keeping the customer, not just getting the customer, is an important consideration.

Successful Product?

Product Development Successful Product: What does it take to develop a new product idea and develop successful product? While creativity is key to new product ideas there is more you need to consider in order to come up with successful product. Here are some issues related to new product development: Technical Feasibility: Technical feasibility addresses the issue of whether a product is likely to work as intended.

Developing Marketing Plan and Strategy

Marketing Plan Developing successful marketing plan and strategy means creating a roadmap for your small business future. Segment your Market: All customers are not the same. They have different needs, preferences, and budgets. Segmenting the market into a group of similar customers can help you develop a successful marketing strategy. Similar customers will respond in a similar way to your products, services, prices, and promotion. For example, some customers prefer to purchase online, others like talking in person and some customers like to save on everything they buy.

Do you use Email Marketing?

Email Marketing Email Marketing and Your Small Business. While the economy is in a terrible downturn, using every possible resource to reach customers is essential. However, with many businesses cutting back, adding something new to your repertoire may be an issue. Enter email marketing, a simple and low-cost solution. Transitioning from traditional to email marketing will save thousands of dollars, however. You can decide to cut down on your typical marketing, or even cut it out completely if you find email marketing does the job.

Pricing Factor

Pricing Factor Determining a price for a product that maximizes revenue is an ongoing process that challenges the best business planners. The first step in developing a pricing strategy is to collect data about the buying habits of your customers. You can use that data to calculate a product's price elasticity of demand, which is a measure of how price changes affect consumers' willingness to buy a product.

What is Price Elasticity?

Price Elasticity What is Price Elasticity? Elasticity means measuring the percentage change in one variable that results from a 1% change in another variable. When the price rises by 1%, quantity demanded might fall by 5%. The price elasticity of demand is -5 in this example. Different Types of Price Elasticities.

Pricing your Product or Service

Price Strategy Determining a price for a product that maximizes revenue is an ongoing process that challenges the best business planners. The first step in developing a pricing strategy is to collect data about the buying habits of your customers. You can use that data to calculate a product's price elasticity of demand, which is a measure of how price changes affect consumers' willingness to buy a product.

Marketing for the Service Business

marketing services There are several basic differences between the business selling tangible products and the business providing services. On a positive note, they typically do not require inventory. On the reverse, however, for many service businesses, such as consulting firms, there are no tangible items, making marketing and sales more difficult.

Developing your own Brand

Branding Have you ever wanted to have your own special brand? Many small business owners think they must be giant corporations to have a successful brand. Nothing could be further from the truth. Think about some of the major brands we have today such as Pepsi and Coke, and think about your favorite brands. Many of these brands had very humble beginnings and started small and grew to be the giants we see today.

What is a Marketing Database?

Marketing Database Simply put a marketing database is a list of customer information compiled into a list in which you can send information about your products, services and current sales promotions. There are many avenues that can be used to collect customer information. A business must be very careful in collecting customer information. Collecting Customer Information: People in general do not like receiving “junk mail.” That also includes “Spam” through e-mail. By building a solid customer database a business can avoid sending junk mail or Spam.

Small Business Location

Business Location Choosing a good location for your small business is one of the most important decisions you have to make for your business. There are many different issues you need to consider carefully before you make a location decision. How to decide where to locate your small business? Well, while there are many important factors you need to consider when making a good business location decision one of the key factors are the overall cost of a specific location and your business requirements - based on your business type and your industry and market.

Niche Plan

Niche Plan Whatever keywords you target with your website you will have competitors. What you are trying to do is find the keywords where competition is not that strong and the number of searches (the demand for your keywords) is hopefully high. The best approach is to start with your skills, expertise or interest (topics where you can add value to your website visitors) and look for niche areas ignored by your competitors. For example, if you are thinking about website related to software you need to pick a niche such as business software or business finance software or even better business finance reporting software.

How to get a UPC Barcode?

Barcode UPC Can you scan your products? If you plan to sell your products to retailers then you will probably need a UPC barcode. What is a UPC? UPC or Universal Product Code is a 12 digit number you can see on most product packages. The UPCs are assigned by GS1 US which is a non profit organization. You need to apply to get your UPC barcode and then use it on your product packaging. Retailers scan the UPC of your products and automatically charge the right price for your product and manage automatically the inventory and tracking of your products. UPC barcode is a must have for your small business if you plan to sell your products to retail stores.

Publicity for your Small Business

Publicity Publicity for your small business means managing your customers’ perception of your business. Publicity is another type of advertising which is free advertising. It is very effective approach to promote your business and create positive perception about who you are, what you do and how you help your customers. You do not pay for publicity however you need to come up with creative ideas how to communicate with your current and potential customers through different channels such as newspapers, radio, TV, community events, etc.

Best Font for your Website

Font The point of your website or blog is sharing your informaiton with your online visitors worldwide. So even if you are not aware - you are in the business of sharing information with the world. This means you need to share your information in a good / effective way so develop your blog with easy to read pages without too much noise. Consider your text color versus the color of your background. Black text against a white background may seem boring but it is easy to read.

Identify Your Competitors

Competitors Once set with an idea and research on it is completed, the next step is to determine market appeal for your product or service. A good idea is only as good as the customer believes it is. Identifying how your product or service differs from the competitions’ is vital. Pin down who you feel your customer will be, where they are, how much they earn (affordability of the product or service), and who your competitors are.

Pricing Models and Approaches

Pricing Pricing your products and services can make a difference between profit and loss. When you think about pricing your products and services do not limit your thinking only to whether your price is low or high or your gross margin percent but think about the price point where you can maximize the net profit. This is your pricing objective. The price will drive the volume up or down and your net profit will change at each pricing level.

Small Business Networking

Business Networking Business Networking is critical for building and growing your small business. The strength and potential of your business is as strong as its network. Business networking is a strategic marketing and sales approach for your small business to generate more business and strengthen the current business you already have. The growth of your business depends on the quality and quantity of business opportunities you generate. Effective networking can create a steady flow of leads for your small business.

Google Can Help Your Small Business

Google Tools for Small Business How Google Can Help Your Small Business: Google is a world-famous web search engine. But as many already are aware, Google is not just a search engine. In fact, it is an excellent one-stop source for the small business. Google also provides email service, a calendar, an RSS Reader, a blogging platform, webmaster tools, alerts, adwords keyword tool, documents for word processing and spreadsheet, group communications, a business center for small businesses to list their contact information, maps, and picassa, a photo server.

Examples of Effective Sales Pitch

Sales Pitch Examples Use the following tips to create effective sales pitch for your business. Why is an effective sales pitch important? Effective sales pitch can make a difference between successful sales strategy and a business failure. The sales pitch is what your prospects first hear about your business and your sales pitch communicates why your business is the best fit for your prospect. Keep your sales pitch short and simple so your target audience can easily understand you. Pay attention to the "What?" - what is the single most important point your target should remember from your pitch. Next, answer the "Why?" - why should they consider you / why are you better than your competitors?

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